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Jet´aimé by Aimé is a handcrafted jewellery brand based in Vienna & Lisbon. The name 'Je´taimé by Aimé' is French for 'I love you by the beloved one' & growing up with my name being 'Aimé', this has always been very unique and shaped the person that I am today.

The I LOVE YOU message seeks to show every buyer that they should love themselves as well as smile more.

Whether it is for yourself or somone else Jet´aimé by Aimé is a great way to show some love and to add a unique flare to your style.

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Come and find my pieces in Lisbon

Kintu Studio Lisbon
Rua Poiais de São Bento 58

Symbols Lisbon
Calcada Marques Abrantes 67A

Praia Irmão
Praia do Castelo Costa Caperica

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